(SEMS Screws)

... We are the specialist for all types of clamping combination screws

Clamping screws with captive terminal clamp of M3 and M4 available at short notice, other sizes available on request.

Klemmkombisite We supply clamping combination screws from M2.5 - M6 mounted with captive washer according to drawing specification or in accordance with your requirements. In addition we manufacture roof formed washers for clamping of different wire cross-sections. Our clamping washers in roof shape enable secure clamping of very different sized cross sections. We also form ridges on the underside to improve clamping.

For special applications we can combine different materials and surface coatings to meet your specific requirements such as higher clamping forces.

Klemmkombi_quad We can offer the optimization of existing components and assembly processes as well as tests of special coatings of the clamping screw and/ or the clamping washer according to your specification. Clamping combination screws mounted with captive flat square clamping washers, especially for clamping of thin cross sections are available in sizes from M2.5 - M6.

Our combination screws enable easy installation due to the special assembly procedure used in our production process. Combination screws which have been produced by thread rolling after the captive washer has been mounted have more play underneath the head and therefore require a higher construction torque to tighten sufficiently. Klemmkombi klmbsp


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