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Our Corporate Culture

The core of our culture is made up of an individual’s appreciation, trust, willingness to outperform and individual accountability. Promotion of and demands on our employees are inseparable. We are committed to our employees by fostering their qualifications and education. We expect employees to overachieve as well as become subject matter experts and demonstrate a high degree of soft skills. These guiding principles form the basis for all of the actions of our employees as it is in our best interest to be the employer of choice within our industry.

We are putting emphasis on professionally qualified employees and a management style which supports individual responsibility, outstanding product quality and environmental awareness.

We want to learn from each other, therefore we listen to our employees, demand and provide open feedback. We support our employees‘ awareness as regards to outstanding quality and the environment by providing information, raising awareness and professional training. Investment in training and competences is an integral part of our HR work.

We want to learn from each other, therefore we listen to our employees, demand and provide open feed back. We support awareness for quality and the environment of our employees by providing information, raising awareness and professional training. Investment in qualification and competence is an integral part of our HR work.

Sustainable, profitable growth and good results are the basis for securing the future of our firm and it is our utmost objective to secure the future of the company. We seek to continuously secure and expand our market share. In doing so, we are always trying to achieve an optimal balance between customer needs and efficiency. We strive to meet the requirements of our customers with deep-rooted competence along the value chain.

The main principle for employees and management alike is that we excel by strong performance and good results. The overall success of the company always takes precedence over individual interests.

Consistent quality and environmental compatibility of our products and services are important prerequisites for the long-term preservation of the firm’s competitiveness. To achieve this, we set up and maintain a process of continuous improvement.

As a modern, globally trading company we emphasize the importance of safety, health and environmental protection. Acting in a quality conscious and environmentally friendly way means that we treat scarce resources carefully. All employees have the obligation and the right to act in a manner that ensures the removal of obstacles that may hinder the company’s performance. We believe that the key towards sustainable business is inherent in the reduction of our use of scarce resources, energy and water.

We involve our business partners in the implementation of our quality goals and environmentally friendly methods. Service providers who work with us are asked to comply with our environmentally friendly standards.

We always take into account any concerns around the protection of the environment when we develop new products and ensure that we comply with applicable laws.

We aim to avoid negative consequences for the environment by adopting appropriate processes and behaviours. The continuous improvement of our processes is a key prerequisite for active medium- and long-term environmental protection. We prevent pollution.

We respect the privacy of our employees and comply with the legislation around the protection of privacy.

We must not engage in any illegal business. Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that all monetary- and financial transactions are handled in accordance with applicable laws. Thus, we also strictly observe the law as regards to the prevention of money laundering.

It is of great importance to us to carry out all value adding activities in Germany and we do not seek to pursue any means that may facilitate tax avoidance by transferring particular steps along the value chain abroad.

We welcome the fact that our employees engage in volunteer work, be it associations, clubs or other social and political institutions. However, such commitment must pursue legitimate goals and must not violate any basic democratic values or laws.

We maintain an open dialogue with the interested public. Information about the firm is only given to the public by authorised personnel. Statements about the company to the media (print, radio, television, online) are only made by our management.

Our corporate policy fleshes out the framework for the definition and evaluation of quality and environment related objectives and targets.


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